Future Focused Parenting

The groundbreaking parenting philosophy that starts with the

Do you feel like a
whack-a-mole parent?

Constantly putting out fires, just trying to get the problem to stop?

Let us help you flip the script and move from surviving to thriving!

We’re two moms with a shared philosophy: stop raising kids, start raising adults.

Together we help families just like yours stop playing whack-a-mole and transform their parenting by starting with the end in mind.

We Solve Real Problems

what we do

Raising Adults Podcast

Weekly conversations from Kira's laundry room

Parent Coaching

We'll work with you to give you specific tips that apply to your family

Digital Content

Video and Audio guides from parents who've been there before

Deana Thayer & Kira Dorrian

Moms, Parent Coaches, Podcast Hosts

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The Faces Behind The Microphone

It's never Too late to shift your focus

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