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When To Be “That Mom” with Amy Wilson and Margaret Ables of the What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood podcast

In today’s episode of Raising Adults, we have the opportunity to double date with the hosts of the popular podcast What Fresh Hell – Laughing in the Face of Motherhood, Amy Wilson and Margaret Ables. Be sure to tune in and listen as we dive into what it means to be “that mom” and how we can best advocate for our kids.   When advocating for your kid, come with both the problem and the solution.” – Amy Wilson   “Be very aware ofam I always the person advocating for my needs and my kid’s needs in a way that is taking needed resources from other people or really inconveniencing other people?” – Margaret Ables   Today’s highlights include: 

  • Margaret shares that she was a comedian, television writer and her why for being “that mom” (4:01)
  • Amy talks about her book, family, and her why (5:06)
  • Why it is “that mom” and not “that dad” or “that parent” (6:50)
  • The line between helicopter mom and tiger mom (9:01)
  • Is there a time for spiciness vs. doing it kindly? (12:37)
  • Come with a solution to the problem (18:03)
  • Intentionality and values while advocating for your kids (19:41)
  • Steps to take once you’ve decided to be “that mom” (21:20)
  • How to be emotionally prepared for difficult conversations and uncomfortable truths (24:11)
  • A useful framework: rude behavior vs. mean behavior vs. bullying behavior (26:36)

  References from today’s episode: When To Be ‘That Mom’ episode    Ask Amy – My Kid’s Friend Is Now Bullying Him. Should I Get Involved    Signe Whitson    Connect with Amy and Margaret:  Facebook Group  Instagram  Website  Twitter  TikTok YouTube   Amy’s Book    Thanks to our sponsors The MamaZen App – Helping Moms Feel Sane!    The MamaZen app specializes in helping moms change their motherhood habits, so they can become patient, mindful, calmer, happier, and raise happy and mindful adults.   Use promo code FUTURE to get full, unlimited FREE access to MamaZen for 30 days.    Thanks for joining us on today’s episode of Raising Adults! If you enjoyed today’s episode, please head over to iTunes, give us 5 stars, and leave a review to help us reach even more Future Focused parents. Don’t forget to check out our website, visit us on Facebook, or hang out with us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date on what’s in store for you.

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