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Mean Kids, Bullies And Their Parents!

In today’s episode of Raising Adults, Deana and Kira talk about mean kids, bullies and their parents. Be sure to tune in and listen as we dive into bullying, how it’s changed over the years and how there is a difference between “mean kids” and “bullies.” Stay tuned until the end to find out who’s celebrating a birthday in September!!    “In those moments where a child has been harsh, or unkind it is important for me to help my kids ask themselves what might be happening for that child that they feel the need to treat someone that way.” – Kira Dorrian   “I have encouraged my kids to be careful about labeling someone as a bully over one or two harsh incidents. ” – Deana Thayer   Today’s discussion includes: 

  • Deana shares her two whys (6:53)
  • Kira’s why (8:16)
  • Why labels can be damaging (10:42)
  • Equipping kids with coping tools and discernment (11:47)
  • Compassion and empathy for kids who bully (17:20)
  • Dealing with other parents who aren’t collaborative problem solvers (23:23)
  • Owning that our kids are human and continuing to help them grow (27:06)
  • Tips for coping with interactions that aren’t collaborative (28:06)
  • Being honest with ourselves: are we receiving feedback and are we open to hearing areas where our children need to grow (31:00)

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Join us on social media to let us know!   Want your FREE copy of the attributes and character traits calendar? Visit bit.ly/RaisingAdultsPodcast or visit FutureFocusedParenting.com   Thanks to our sponsor The MamaZen App – Helping Moms Feel Sane!    The MamaZen app specializes in helping moms change their motherhood habits, so they can become patient, mindful, calmer, happier, and raise happy and mindful adults.   Use promo code FUTURE to get full, unlimited FREE access to MamaZen for 30 days.    Thanks for joining us on today’s episode of Raising Adults! If you enjoyed today’s episode, please head over to iTunes, give us 5 stars, and leave a review to help us reach even more Future Focused parents. Don’t forget to check out our website, visit us on Facebook, or hang out with us on Instagram, twitter, and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on what’s in store for you.

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