Who’s The Boss?

Deana and Kira share ways to be the parent without being a tyrant and the positive impact this can have on your relationship with your child. They also give tools and tips for re-balancing your home if things are out of whack. Do you have questions…

Replay of “Kids and Chores” From Season One

In light of us all being stuck at home due to COVID-19 we thought we would replay our Kids and Chores episode from WAY back in Season One! We’ve all got a little extra time right now to teach our littles (and bigs) how to help around the house. Plus,…

Spin Cycle: More on Chores

In this first bonus episode Deana and Kira answer a listener question about the chores episode and Kira gives an update on her kids’ new birthday chore.

Kids and Chores

Kira and Deana talk and house work! Ideas for age-appropriate chores are discussed, as well as thoughts around why chores are important.