Kids and Positive Reinforcement

Kira and Deana talk about the power of catching our kids being their amazing selves and positively reinforcing their behavior. They share ways to honor kids when they get it “right” as well as ways to honor what makes them unique and special just…

Kids and Phobias

Kira shares her expertise on this important topic, exploring ways to spot the difference between a fear and a phobia, the different types out there (there are many!) and most importantly, the tools to prevent them in the first place.

Kids and Grief

This episode features a frank discussion of grief, including navigating the grieving process with children. Also covered: how to care for yourself as a grieving parent in the aftermath of loss.

Raising Kids With Emotional Intelligence

Kira offers strategic principles for instilling emotional intelligence into children. She also shares her accessible “3Ns” strategy for handling big feelings. For a deeper dive, check out her online course, use the code RAISINGADULTS for 15% off: