Handling Conflict In Front Of Our Children

Deana and Kira share strategies for modeling conflict resolution in front of your kids. How do we conflict with a partner without creating fear or feelings of instability? Celebrating our 100th episode with a special giveaway! Visit and use the code…

Who’s The Boss?

Deana and Kira share ways to be the parent without being a tyrant and the positive impact this can have on your relationship with your child. They also give tools and tips for re-balancing your home if things are out of whack. Do you have questions…

Peaceful Co-Parenting After Divorce

Deana shares her strategies for creating a peaceful co-parenting relationship with an ex-partner.  Kira briefly shares her experience of being the child of peacefully divorced co-parents.

Spin Cycle: Getting on the Same Page

In this bonus episode Deana and Kira answer a listener question about the Parenting on the Same Page episode and discuss ways to communicate and work together to get on the same page when you might not be already.

Parenting on the Same Page

Operating on the same page with your partner is critical. Today’s episode addresses why this is so important for children to see, how exactly to present a united front, and strategies for when partners don’t see eye to eye.