Figuring Out Your Family’s Values

Season Two!!  Kira and Deana are excited to be back with their second season of Raising Adults.  They share some exciting news about the upcoming season, talk about their new free offer for podcast listeners called Attribute of the Month,…

Season One Finale: Kids and Gratitude

Kira and Deana close Season One by talking about gratitude, what is is versus what it’s not.  They share why it’s important for children to learn this concept at a young age as well as tangible ways to foster it within your family.  Exciting…

Kids and Faith…Or Not?

Deana and Kira discuss the differences between a faith-based home and a non-faith-based home.  How do they look different and how are they similar?  They also discuss the big questions that have come up in their friendship and give listeners…

Spin Cycle: To Swear or Not to Swear

Kira and Deana discuss the different feedback about Kira’s use of swear words and engage in a lively discussion about kids, swearing, and social constructs.

Kids and Manners

Want to raise polite children? Hear Kira and Deana talk about ways to introduce and reinforce manners in your family.