Empowering Anxious Kids: Tools and Strategies For Parenting Kids With Anxiety


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Anxiety is a huge issue in our society, yet parents often feel ill-equipped to walk through it with their children. How can you tell whether your child is struggling with anxiety or just having a bad day? If you do identify anxiety in your child, how should you respond and what should you do? And, most importantly, how can you help your child to feel better?

In this online program, we answer these questions and more.

Key takeaways include:

  • The science behind anxiety so you can understand what is happening for your child
  • How to spot anxiety (it comes in many forms!)
  • The most important mistake parents make with an anxious child – and what to do instead
  • Ways to help an anxious child in the moment – the key steps to take and the order to take them in
  • Coping techniques, tools and strategies to offer your child in order to help calm their anxiety
  • A downloadable template to create an anxiety action plan for your family

Having an anxious child is challenging. Navigating it doesn’t have to be.

You absolutely CAN parent through your child’s anxiety with both skill and empathy. This program will help eliminate the guesswork and restore your confidence in parenting your anxious child.

What you get:

  • One hour long pre-recorded webinar video
  • One audio only version in case you’d like to listen on the go
  • A selection of printable handouts



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