Future Focused Parents-To-Be: Planning Beyond the Birth


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You’ve decorated the nursery and taken a birth class. You’ve attended prenatal visits and registered for baby gear. But have you prepared for what happens beyond the birth? With strategic questions designed to get you thinking about the challenges of early parenthood, this workbook provides engaging discussions to jump-start your planning. You’ll start by clarifying and prioritizing the family values you wish to impart to your children. Next, you will have the opportunity to create a plan for things such as sick days and overnight roles. This allows you to proactively minimize potential frustration and resentment that can build between parents in the early months after bringing baby home. Best of all, you’ll find out how to effectively identify and meet each other’s needs so that each parent feels cared for during this critical time. Future Focused Parents-to-Be is an essential tool for setting you up to parent confidently and as a team!

“Thanks to Kira’s workbook, we are now more prepared for our baby to arrive. So many of the things in this book aren’t talked about or even on your mind when you are preparing for baby to arrive. We now have better communication about topics we never would’ve thought of and have better understanding of each other’s needs and wants for after baby arrives.” – T.N.


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